Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I absolutely LOVE my new The Original Dish Drying Mat. I received this complimentary from Influenster for testing and review purposes.
First off Let me Say I've never seen this product or even heard of The Original Dish Drying Mat prior to receiving one. So I was totally intrigued! I couldn't wait to get it out of the packaging (was really simple as it was just in a sleeve.
I followed the instructions. Prior to use I washed this with like colors in Cold Water and I put it on Low in the dryer . Per the instructions I did wash with a gentle Liquid Laundry Detergent, I did  NOT add any fabric softener or dryer sheets, and I tumble dried on Low.
This is definitely a brand new solution to the age old problem of where to dry the dishes. I have a dishwasher as you can see from the picture, but with the economy I prefer to wash my dishes by hand! I hate the bottom of the dish drainer I have one that is stainless steel and it tends , after a while to rust. Also soap scum was always an issue. What to do , what to do. Well i did think of putting my dishes to dry on a dish towel but it would soak to the counter , not to mention that it is totally unsanitary as any bacteria under a glass can grow , even after a few minutes. Well THE ORIGINAL DISH DRYING MAT has most definitely solved this problem.
First off it's made of microfiber and can hold 4 x it's weight in water. Secondly since it is made of a piece of foam sandwiched between two layers of a very high-quality super absorbant microfiber it literally can cushion even the most delicate of stemware and still protect you against bacteria.
This is definitely one of the best products I've ever received to test and review. The Original Dish Drying Mat will also protect your counter tops from scratches and scuffs.
And it's the perfect size at 16" x 18".
I love that it has a loop on it so I can literally hang it on the back side of a cabinet door. The Original Dish Drying Mat can also fold and store very easily underneath a counter in easy reach for when you do need this.
The color I received from Influenster complimentary to test is called "Cream" but it does come in 3 additional colors: "Green", "Gray", and "Red".
This item is very affordable at only $4.99 at either Bed, Bath and Beyond in store or online at . The Original Dish Drying Mat is sold EXCLUSIVELY at Bed, Bath, & Beyond.
I also found a few other uses for my mat: #1- I have a very mischievous and highly active 2 yr old son who loves to splash in the tub and bring his favorite toy boat that gives you a waterfall of water into the tub and loves to use a washcloth rather then a sponge. Sooooo..what's a mother to do? I'm there making him bathe and he just loves soaking me! LOL! I've found that since this is so fantastically super absorbent that I've bought an additional one for when I take my son out of the tub to put the washcloth and the toy boat on it to dry. No longer do I have to wonder where to put his boat to dry out (has a lot of holes on bottom so drying with a towel isn't practical!). I just get him out. Take out my The Original Dish Drying Mat and put his washcloth and Toy Boat onto The Original Dish Drying Mat and Voila..Problem is now solved!
Another practical use is for gift baskets for birthdays, housewarming parties, kids going off to college and moving into their own apartment or dorm, engagement parties and weddings, just to name a few! LOL! I love making it as the centerpiece of the gift basket! I bought 10 in the "Cream" of The Original Dish Drying Mat , as how can you go wrong with such an awesome product that only costs you $4.99 plus tax (and s/h if ordering online)! Heck that's the price of one of those high end Cappuccinos! So far I haven't made the baskets yet, but I've got one housewarming party coming up the beginning of August! When I make the basket I'll be sure to post this here! So be sure to come back!
Again I'm an Influenster from and I get VoxBoxes containing various products to test and review on my blog totally complimentary.

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