Monday, July 9, 2012

"Dino Lingo" A New Way For Your Child To Learn a New Language

While I didn't receive the DVD in my MomVoxBox from Influenster to try and review I was able to go to their website : to try a lesson with my son in Spanish. He's a very active 2 yr old boy. I really didn't know if he would take to this or not. He was able to sit through it though he isn't all that verbal yet, so I was totally amazed at how he was able to say one word "Ghato" meaning "cat"... According to their website the way the program works is that :"Dino Lingo is an interactive language learning program for children. Fueled by a child's own imagination, kids learn a new language through interactive teaching techniques that incorporate play and storytelling and encourage your child to start speaking it almost immediately." You can choose from several different languages , and being my son is 1/2 Hispanic we chose Spanish. It's a great tool but I personally would recommend it for ages 3 and up though 2 yrs old is a great starting point if only to let your child look at it like we did. It's $99.95 plus $5.95 for standard shipping but I do love the fact that it comes w/ a complete 30 day money back guarantee. My husband and I are seriously considering buying this set in Spanish when my son becomes a little bit more verbal so that we can teach him a 2nd language. After investigating all the other children's learning a 2nd language kits on the market this one seems to be the best and the only one that has actually held my child's interest which is why we're going to buy this one. They even just released an Italian version and being 1/2 Italian myself we can teach him both Spanish and Italian. But we're going to start with the Spanish one first. Highly recommended. Here's a picture of my son going around saying "Ghato" meaning "Cat" in Spanish! He is so proud of his accomplishment!

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