Saturday, June 30, 2012


Here's a pic of my Truvia Prize Pack. As you all know I LOVE LOVE LOVE TRUVIA and have cooked and baked with it for several years and it's the only sweetener I've used in at least 1-2 years. Well for writing my blog they picked me as one of a handful of winners to receive a Truvia Prize Pack. What a nice surprise. This prizepack included the following: A V-neck Black Cotton Truvia Logo T-shirt in my size (When I won Influenster was kind enough to ask my size so I'd be sure to receive the correct size..How amazing is that?) I also received a Truvia Logo Ball Cap, a USB Flash Drive w/ the Truvia Logo, a small box of Truvia (10 ct ) along w/ a coupon to go and get a free box of Truvia 40 ct., a sheet of recipe cards (who can't use more recipes? I know I can't..need as many as I can muster up), a small tin of Chocolate Velamints (must admit I felt like a star receiving this gift box), and a Sample of Crystal Lite Pure Grape Flavor Drink Mix (gotta admit I used that up almost instantly after snapping these pics). Well here's the pics both in and out of the box..feel free to tell me what you think? Again this was received from me at no charge as being a part of the group as an Influenster. I'm a trendsetter and I receive VoxBoxes to review for my honest opinions. If you're a trendsetter who influences those in your life, friends ,family and your social media, feel free to apply at and click the join button. After joining be sure to go to badges and pick those that are relevant to you and your family. Stay active on all media : Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, your personal blogs, Google+, Instagram etc. Made sure you LIKE INFLUENSTER on all social media and stay very active. IF you're what is looking for then perhaps you too will be fortunate enough to receive a Voxbox full of goodies to review. Good Luck to one and all!:)

Influensting Beauty and Skincare

Influensting Beauty and Skincare
Well My Mom VoxBox from Influenster arrived the other day! I was totally impressed (no pun intended). Inside the box were the following: A Single Bar of Ivory Soap.. Ivory Bar Soap is 99.44% Pure so it's clean and gentle and yes it even floats! DenTek Comfort Clean and Fun Flosser Samples (on the back of the package was a coupon for $1 off too) A Box of Stash Tea Superfruit Tea Sampler . It's a great box of tea flavors. 2 Samples of Nektar Sweetener (never tried this sweetener...can't wait to try it) A Quaker Oats Soft Baked Oatmeal Cookie! (My son the "Cookie Monster" got a hold of it and ate it.. no worries, I was able to get him to give me a bite as a taste test!) A Package of Impress Press-On Manicure by Broadway Nails in a Deep Mauve..Perfect from going from daytime to nighttime..see the picture. and as a bonus.... I also received The Original Dish Drying Mat. It's a super-absorbant microfiber mat that will protect your counters and dishes . Even Stemware and Delicate Dishes are protected. I'll have to give this is little test and report back here. Ok so there you have it. I got my MomVoxBox from Influenster in exchange for reporting on my findings honestly. Influenster does NOT influense my opinions on any products I review on my blog. If you're a trendsetter and have what it takes to Influense your group of friends and social network, you really should apply to become an Influenster yourself. You can apply at and click the join button. There are a few rules. This isn't just to gain a "freebie". You agree to check in the box, review products included in your box, and at a minimum do the post survey. There are "Challenges" for every Voxbox campaign that are fun and I highly recommend if you're an Influenster and have received a box to go and do them. There are bonus products and gift packs up for grabs for those who have completed and have had their challenges approved and have earned their badges. I've made many friends who are also Influensters on so feel free to message me for any questions! Here's a pic of my MomVoxBox..Hope you like it!:) Jaime

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Can't Wait to Receive My Mom VoxBox from

Sooooo excited to get my new VoxBox from This is the Mom Voxbox! This will be my 4th Voxbox since I joined back in October 2011! for those of you new to my blog is a trendsetting community! I get a box based on my demographics, the badges I've earned and my participation. In exchange for a box of amazing products, I agree to blog and tell you, my friends and fans, my honest opinions on these products, do reviews and challenges to earn other badges and do a survey at the end! So far I've received the following Voxboxes: The Cosmo VoxBox The Holiday VoxBox And The Love Voxbox And now I'm waiting for my Mom Voxbox to arrive! I also won a fantastic Truvia Giftpack from the Love VoxBox! Inside it was a terrific V-neck black t-shirt, ball cap, a USB with the Truvia logo, and a 10 Pack of Truvia! To top it all off there was a coupon for a free box of Truvia (40 count box) and a nice Velamints (chocolate flavor) tin! It was all nicely packaged in a wonderful gift box with lime green tissue! It really felt like Christmas arriving at my door! If you're an Influenster and think you have what it takes, feel free to join! I've made friends with several other Influensters which to me is priceless and probably the best part of being an Influenster on!