Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I am a member of Crowdtap a wonderful community dedicated to conversing on our favorite brands. In addition to doing quick hits (very fast 1 question surveys) I also participate in Monitored Discussions, and do   samplings and parties. The samples are provided by Crowdtap complimentary , at no charge in exchange for me handing out the samples and giving honest feedback.
I Love Crowdtap because I get to raise money for my favorite charity the ASPCA as well as earn points that I can exchange for either additional Donations or gift cards like Amazon.com codes etc.
I was selected to the Woolite Extra Dark Care Sampling. I received 10 samples of Woolite Extra Dark Care to give out to friends, family or even strangers and get their feedback!
I gave this all out to my friends who work in my mother's Doctor's Office. My friends always were complaining how the Black Scrubs they wear as part of their uniforms always looked so faded after only a few washings. Also how their Black Jeans on Dress Down Fridays looked dingy too after only a few washings.
Well Say no more! I have the solution to this problem. It's called Woolite Extra Dark Care.
I've been using it for quite a while and it keeps all my darks looking brand new much longer then anything out there on the market today!
My friends always asked me how I look so fresh and how come my jeans NEVER SEEM TO FADE?!?! I told them that I wash ALL my darks in Woolite Extra Dark Care. I also wash my lights in a separate load and my whites in a 3rd load and THE ONLY detergent I now use is Woolite Extra Dark Care! They were impressed. To further impress my friends I did 2 loads of laundry! One set of dark clothes in a different detergent and the other load in Woolite Extra Dark Care. I put them side by side! BOY OH BOY was there a HUGE Difference. I then asked my friends which load was washed in Woolite Extra Dark Care and which in the "other" detergent. Everyone picked The Woolite Extra Dark Care. It was THAT easy to tell the difference.
I then gave each of my friends a sample of this detergent with my personal invitiation to join Crowdtap using my special Invite Code. Just click below! at the bottom of this review , just below and to the left of the pictures!!
Everyone was totally stoked by the sample and EVERYONE said that after one use they wish they would've listened to me sooner and bought the Woolite Extra Dark Care Detergent.
Everyone I gave the sample to were instantly converted to Woolite Extra Dark Care after trying it for just one time!
If you haven't tried it I highly recommend that you do!
Again I received this sampling as a member of Crowdtap.com and in no way did I receive any compensation nor was my opinions influenced in any way by receiving this sampling. This is my honest review.
Below you'll find pictures of my friends with their samples and their Black Scrubs on after I washed them personally in my bottle of Woolite Extra Dark Care.

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