Tuesday, February 14, 2012


As most of you know by now, I'm a member of the best trendsetting group on the internet called Influenster. As a member of Influenster I get to try new products complementary in exchange for my honest reviews, opinions and blog posts and video reviews. I've met some fantastic women as part of being an Influenster.
Keep in mind this is NOT a freebie site. This is a site for trendsetters that have proven to be able to influence others into trying new products and help Brands to be promoted.
About a month ago it was announced that Influenster was going to announce the recipients of a LOVEVOXBOX. A VOXBOX is a box filled with complementary products that we get if selected in exchange for trying them, filling out a survey and giving honest reviews and feedback. This is a MUCH ANTICIPATED Voxbox.
Last night was the Twitter Party where clues were given out as to what will be inside. Right now it's anyone's guess. But if I was a betting woman (Which by the way I am NOT..LOL) , I'd have seen that something sweet to share that I might not want to share would be something along the line of candy or in particular Chocolates. Something warm and fuzzy that you two can share in flavors of apple, and mango seem maybe to me to be maybe a Tea or Brandy. And something naturally sweet to put into it might be either something along the lines of Sugar in the Raw or Honey (for my honey:) ).An accessory that glitters as far as beauty is concerned was basically another hint..I'm figuring maybe either a Glitter Nailpolish, a nice glittery lipshine from NYC or one of my favorite items from the HolidayVOXBOX the ImPress Press-On Manicure nails in some sort of glitter color. And something to make you feel smooth and silky I was thinking a razor or lotion. Right now it's anyone's guess as NOBODY but Influenster.com knows what really is in this box.
The Suspense is tremendous. And while the Influenster Twitter Party was only an hour and by all accounts a HUGE Success , personally I could've gone on for hours. And most of the Influensters I know pretty much felt the same way.
This evening will be the announcement as to whom might be getting a covetted LoveVoxBox. I am praying to be one of them so I can report all the excitement to you as to what's inside. I'm sure it will be fantastic.
So............Let's Pray this lady gets one. I'm hoping to get one and then will buy several items out of pocket that I like to give away to my followers. All you have to do is follow my blog and enjoy.
Chat to you later today or tomorrow to see if I was selected. I'm hoping to be but one never knows. Good Luck to all my Influenster.com friends out there as well.

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