Friday, February 17, 2012

Sooooooooo Excited..... I got a Pre-Invite for the Influenster LoveVoxBox

I'm sooo excited! I got a pre-invite for the Influenster LoveVoxBox. Here's hoping that tomorrow I'll get my final invite! I can't wait to find out what sort of goodies are going to be in this LoveVoxBox.
Once I know I'll be more then happy to share them with all my readers and give you my honest opinions on the items that I'll be receiving complementary inside the Voxbox for me to try and report on.
I just love being an Influenster and being able to share what's hot and what's not with all my readers. So stay tuned...
I've also been trying a few other things that I need to report on. So stay tuned. I'll probably update and do another report over this weekend.
Thanks for Supporting
I truly appreciate it.

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