Tuesday, July 15, 2014


My husband and I and my family have been using ALL FREE AND CLEAR for years without any incidents so when I went to the store on Friday July 11th with my mom it was just a regular day out at Walmart. WRONG! I needed more detergent as we were out. Well My mom asked why I don't try the ALL FREE AND CLEAR WITH OXI since all the ALL products were on roll-back for $9.97 for 100 loads. She felt it might get my whites even whiter. I read the label which stated it was for SENSITIVE SKIN and was HYPO ALLERGENIC! I did a load of clothes with the ALL FREE AND CLEAR WITH OXI on Friday Night and my husband went to work on Saturday (he's a truck driver and delivers pallets to restaurants and convenience stores so is constantly on the run). He came home with CHEMICAL BURNS on his legs, chest back and above his buttocks and private parts! His legs were even much worse on Sunday. I tried to call their toll-free # but had to wait till Monday. I called on Monday and spoke to someone who seemed to me, at least she knew just what questions to ask very readily, to know that this is an issue. Told me to hold on to the bottle and that they were going to get back in touch w/ me and send me a very long form to fill out. No problem. My husband has so far lost 2 days of work, had to buy a prescription of a steroid, had to see a doctor (can we say Co-pays are NOT cheap?) , and before being able to get the steroid tried multiple OTC products to keep the swelling down. That doesn't include how much pain he is in. My husband is pretty macho and to see him cry is very rare. It was so bad that puss from this chemical burn are all over our sheets. I've kept that in case the insurance company wants that too. I'm not looking to become a millionaire, just want to be reimbursed for the damages this product has caused, as well as my husband's pain and suffering. That and I'd also want to see this product properly labeled. My husband and mom were talking..what if this was Vincent my youngest child whose 4 yrs old? OMG! I'd be wrapping him in gauze at a hospital. YES it is that bad. I took and will continue to take pictures day by day of my husband's recovery. I dug deeper and saw I'm NOT alone..here's a link to several people who have had reactions to this going back as far as 2012! http://www.stain-removal-101.com/all-free-and-clear-oxi-active.html I'm encouraging everyone who suffers from allergies or who has sensitive skin NOT to buy ALL FREE AND CLEAR WITH OXI..But the one w/out it as we never had an issue with that one. Sorry I haven't been online in quite a long time but I've been very ill and taking care of my mother who was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and other ailments like RA. Feel free to pass this around and comment. I'll be on here a lot more often posting new product reviews and what I think of things. Blessings to one and all. Jaime

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